R+Co Bleu

Innovation. Modernity. Sustainability. Style. R+Co Bleu is founded upon the guiding principle that luxury today is defined by unparalleled quality and performance, overarching thoughtfulness and a commitment to sustainable practices. How we treat our planet and how we treat ourselves are inextricable. Inspired products that elevate our everyday experience while delivering on environmentally conscious, renewable methodologies are the mark of true luxury.

From best-in-class formulas to packaging design and functionality, R+Co Bleu has been consciously created with these values in mind, taking into account the entire lifecycle of the product and the company’s place in the world as a global citizen.

R+Co Bleu is proud to make a lasting commitment to our environment and to our consumers with cutting-edge packaging that is both recycled and recyclable, creating a continuous cycle of sustainability. A cornerstone of the company’s philosophy and design is its commitment to using PCR: post-consumer resources. This includes recovering plastics and single-use components once the initial lifecycle has been completed.