Bumble and bumble

For over 30 years, New York City-based, Bumble and Bumble has revolutionized hair and hair styling by emphasizing the individual transcending trends and launching new looks. From their shampoos, conditioners, and hair therapy treatments, to styling and grooming crèmes, waxes, and sprays, Bumble and Bumble is known as one of the most influential hair companies in the industry.

Our Products:
Our goal was to develop tools that hairdressers could use editorially to be mixed and layered to produce a broad range of effects… Which today is virtually limitless!

We aim to:
• Be amazing hairdressers (in our salons, on set and backstage)
• Elevate our craft (technically, creatively and commercially)
• Create editorial-quality products (as essential as scissors and comb)
• Revere authenticity and creativity (in all forms)
• Build deep relationships (with clients, professionals and each other)
• Love what we do (otherwise, why bother?)